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Trip Taylor has been a TV & Film producer for over 20 years, creating several iconic franchises, best known for creating, co-creating and Executive Producing young-skewing hits, that have grown into multi-revenue-stream brands.  For instance, Trip launched and Executive Produced the ”Jackass” television series, expanded the brand into 4 “Jackass” Paramount Films and helped create a new film genre with Paramounts’ “Bad Grandpa”.  (The 4th “Jackass” film is currently in post-production).  The “Jackass” films alone have grossed over a half billion in revenue.


Another highlight is Trip’s contribution to the creation, planning and production of world-record-breaking stunts, producing live action sports events and producing formatted entertainment television series.  Trip co-created (along with megastar Travis Pastrana) and Executive Produced the original MTV series “Nitro Circus”.  This series went on to spawn what has become the largest action sports live stadium tour in the world, also under the Nitro Circus moniker. 


After years of Executive Producing TV series (you can see those titles in his credits listed) this larger and growing Nitro Circus organization asked Trip to come back as Senior Vice President of Media to expand the brand further into pop culture and TV.  With Trip’s guidance and expertise, he helped create and Executive Produced the “Olympics” for action sports athletes, Nitro World Games.  Nitro World Games is an annual 3-hour live stadium action sports competition that has aired in NBC primetime and streamed on Facebook. 


Hand-in-hand, Trip, Travis Pastrana and Nitro Circus have also invented a brand new auto racing format, Nitro Rally Cross (NRX).  NRX is becoming a mighty and respected racing circuit within the auto racing industry.  As a final exclamation point on his short time with the Nitro Circus organization, Trip created, sold and Executive Produced a 3-hour live stunt event that has become an instant classic.  “Evel Live” on the History Channel, and distributed worldwide, featured Travis Pastrana breaking 3 of Evel Knievel’s most iconic stunts one after the other all in one night, culminating in Travis jumping the world-famous Caesars Hotel & Casino fountain.  The special stands as 2018’s highest rated cable special and History Channel’s highest rated special since 2011.


Trip left Nitro Circus and has re-launched his production services company, Sunny Skye Productions.  To fill in the gaps from the short bio above, please check out Trip’s extensive credits HERE.


Trip is always at the forefront of creating and executing content that is never derivative and stands out from the pack.

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